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Gabriel Husek

Senior Software Engineer

Montréal - Quebéc - Canada

Hello there Why, hello there

I'm a full-stack engineer, working in the field for a little bit longer than a decade now. Some of my specializations are: Node.js, React.js, React Native, Redux, GraphQL, and server-side rendering.

I've successfully built and delivered products for companies based in North America, Europe, and South America. From 5-person startups to Fortune 500 companies, I've engineered solutions of all kinds, such as Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Micro-services and APIs.

Aside from all that, I've been working with TypeScript for a couple of years now, on both back-end and front-end projects (like the page you are reading right now).

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Senior Software Engineer @Videri

React, Redux-Saga, React Native, TypeScript, Styled-Components, Ember.js, Canvas, Node.js, Next.js

Currently working on Creative Studio, a photoshop-esque drag-and-drop web app, empowering the user to compose their own 'dashboards' and export them to their Canvases.

The user can select Widgets from all kinds (images, video, weather, twitch, youtube), customize them, connect them to external sources/conditionals and display them.

Lead Software Engineer @NestReady

React, Redux, GraphQL, Node.js, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Firebase, K8s, GCP

Wrote a whitelabel application, currently being used by some of the largest banks in Canada and multiple credit unions in the USA.

This platform is a one-stop-shop for acquiring real estate and applying for a mortgage, sold as a SaaS.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer @Oktium

React, Redux, SSR, WebRTC, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Docker

Ported the iOS app to the Web, allowing calls from browser-to-device, device-to-browser and its associated actions (one click checkout, schedule appointments etc).

Responsible for the Stripe/recurring payment micro-service implementation.

... and a lot of other places, in the last 12 years.


Youtube to BPM

TypeScript API, returns the BPM for any YouTube video.

React Icon Tint

react-icon-tint is a React component that replicates the iOS behavior, where you can easily tint an icon according to your UI.